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The Cast of Itinerus Eternum

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Author Topic: The Cast of Itinerus Eternum  (Read 271 times)
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Role Play Name: Jin - Reikka S.
Began Role Playing: Summer of 2004, on Neopets (though I don't RP there anymore)
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« on: April 14, 2008, 02:54:01 pm »

The Driving Force

Name: Jeanne D.
Age: 13-14
Contact: or use mail in this site

The Basics

Full Name: Reikka Marie Nerille

Nickname: Reiki

Gender: Female

Age: 17

D.O.B.: January 9, 1995

Braden Nerille (soldier) - Father - Missing
Mierre Jade Nerille (lawyer) - Mother - Deceased
Michi Korinn Nerille (6 yrs. older) - Sister - Missing

That Which You See

Physical Description: Reikka, through physical means, is an ordinary-looking girl who partially became frail due to the long years of hiding. She has a pale complexion with a seemingly constant look derived from innocence and hardship. She's approximately 5'5 ft. and two inches in height, has deep green eyes and very black hair that reaches all the way down to her knees.

Clothing Style: She has a formal taste in clothing, particularly the ones that have a sort of Victorian style to it. She detests wearing anything that shows too much skin. Currently, she is wearing a strange form of seifuku, complete with black stalkings that covers the majority of her legs. And, where school shoes are expected to be seen, she wears a pair of black converse with its white base and laces.

Jewelry, tattoos, trademarks, etc: A small jade-colored gem (the size of a very large strawberry) steadily floats above her head like an angel’s halo and would often reflect her emotions.

That Which You Don't

Likes: Reading, soft music, stuffed toys, strawberries and computer programming/deprogramming

Dislikes: Chaos, hot-heads, irrationality and the idea of ‘doing it’

Strengths:  Reikka isn’t exactly attentive, but she has a knack for being observant and patient. She often believes in the terms of ‘balance’ which drives her to believe that after the chaos, life will bloom once more. She is a powerful computer hacker (even when she only does it as a hobby) and has a vicious appetite despite her small stature.

Weaknesses: She usually won't eat a particular kind of food unless she's sure its edible. She is often oblivious and disorderly with her possessions. She has no real control over her so-called ‘powers’, which refrains her from using them, even when the need is great. She would do anything to find her parents (and possibly her sister) and is somehow obsessed with the idea of returning to normal life.

Fears: Fully using her powers, has claustrophobia and arachnophobia

Personality: Reikka lacks some moral fiber due to her having unstable conditions in her family lifestyle at such a young age. As a result, being quiet, observant and respecting has eventually engraved into her personality. The term ‘happiness’ is but a blur to her and she often thinks that returning to a normal life would somehow bring that ‘happiness’ back. She also sleeps a lot, insisting she needs to sleep 10 hrs. a day to refuel her powers. Though she may not look like it, she has the potential to become a listless rebel with unsteady mood swings.
She also doesn’t get the concept of love; often passing it as either friendship or parental love.

History: Born in USA and is half-Japanese. She initially developed the floating gem at the age of 6 months. Reikka had an older sister, Michi Nerille, who disappeared when she was at the age of 3 (that is when the first news of battle broke out). In later years, when she was 9, Reikka's father was summoned to become a soldier in the growing war. They never heard from him since. Her mother entered a somewhat permanent state of mental instability after the unforgiving ordeal. Reikka and her mother then retreated to France and later London when the war evidently spun out of control. Reikka has only heard of Windy Fields, preferring to go to a normal school and merely practicing her abilities at home secretly through fascination and boredom.

The Path We Tread

Allegiance: Gifted

Ranking: Newcomer

Number of Years in Said Group: Recent (none)

Gifted Abilities: As it has been previously stated, she currently has no real control over her powers and would often result in spontaneous periods of lunacy.
But in cases when she does, the moss-green gem that floats above her head glows in numerous shades and her expression goes blank. Translucent ribbons appear (which are ridiculously long, maybe 20-48 feet in length) and, without touching her, coil around her arms to form an arch over her head. The ribbons (or what look like ribbons) are like an extension of the body, moving with disturbing grace, speed and strength.

Another effect of the gem is that she gains superhuman flexibility and weightlessness that enables her to leap long distances (particularly through building rooftops) that seem to defy gravity. In rare cases, it would literally extend to create a shield. Who knows what surprises that thing has in store?

Although theres a great limitation: When used fully or too often, Reikka slips into a coma. Moreover, there is no telling when she will finally wake from it.

And When it Comes to Love...

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Status: Single

Significant Other: None (yet?)

Crushes: None
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