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1  Creative Corner / Writing / Re: Abducted- Prologue on: April 21, 2008, 09:30:46 pm
Continuing it depends on you. The whole plot ish OK. But it seems too 'out there' for me. Get brain-storming on you're plots; make it more elaborate (but no SO elaborate that you confuse readers). Put some sort of internal struggle into the main character. Like, he and this sister of his' really hate each other, and he wonders whether he really wants to save her. And make a reason as to why those people captured her. Besides, they wouldn't risk themselves being revealed just to kidnap some ordinary girl.

Believe me, I know. *paranoid look* o-o
2  Role Play Forum / The Welcoming Committee / Re: Jin - RP'er extordinare on: April 20, 2008, 06:54:04 pm
*bows to new people*
And yes, Kym. I remember you. xD
Cassidy, the name 'Nemu' is VERY familiar. Hm, did you do that name yourself? Or did you happen to hear it from somewhere else? o-o
Oh, and I've checked you're RP webbie. The plot is... a bit dry. But I'm sure it'll improve with some well-placed tweaking. ^-^
Oh, and I signed up. You don't mind, do you? ^^;
3  Role Playing Help / The RP Academy / You know you write too much when... on: April 20, 2008, 01:19:47 pm
- When you start to carry a miniature notebook with you everywhere in case inspiration kicks you in the face.

- When someone asks for a writing utensil you jump at them and ask which they would prefer: pen or pencil, what brand and/or what color.

- When someone asks for a writing utensil you fear the loss of said implement like it's your arm and act like you've never heard of such a thing.

- Whenever something happens, say your friend says hi, in your mind you think, "Then she smiled at me and said hi. Then she hugged me and told me about how much she missed me over the summer."

- You write down all of your prized possessions, and it includes several notebooks, loads of pens and ink erasers, and maybe a few books to inspire.

- You watch a movie, or read a book, and start to add to the story to make it how you want it to be.

- You find that you have the most fun staring out into your yard, describing the movments of the trees, and animal's in your head. (Guilty as charged)

- Youre 200gb harddisk is full of word-documents.

- You write on any and everything available. (ie. reciepts, happy meal bags, your arm, your friend's arm, etc.).

- You dream about your characters, and/or spend every waking moment thinking up new situations to put them in.

- You think of your characters as real people. (*meekly raises hand*)

- Your idea of a wonderful birthday present is a new notebook and a package of pens/pencils.

- When you giggle at this thread because it is describing all the things you do.

- Your mom/dad starts yelling at you to stop carrying that notebook everywhere.

- When you start seeing your characters in your dreams/hallucinations.

- You desribe everything that happens during the day as though it were a story, including adding things such as, "I mumbled", "I shouted." "I whispered", "I said" at the end of everything you say.

- You talk to your characters.... and they answer back.

- When you have a different three ring notebook for each story in the works, along with a seperate pen for each...><

- When your floor is covered in unfinished stories, or crumpled papers that never made it to the garbage... o-o

- When you go out shopping and get excited after seeing a 500 page notebook/a pack of HB pencils/a pack of pens on sale.

- When you name the pen you use for editing "the red pen of DOOM."

- You know you write too much when you have more notebooks in your closet then actual clothes. Or, you have notebooks in shoe boxes instead of actual shoes.

- You know you write too much when you actually write about how you write too much. xDDD

- You get your characters inside your head and they yell at you for doing something they don't like.

- If a fire hit your house and you could only save one thing, you'd rather roast because you wouldn't know which notebook/floppy/other form of saved material to grab.

- When you make entire websites dedicated to your story.

- Your best friend is a piece of paper.

(Anyone care to add?)
4  Creative Corner / Writing / Re: Abducted- Prologue on: April 20, 2008, 01:00:21 pm
Its pretty good. It has a deal of grammar errors here and there. But other than that, the whole thing is well constructed and kinda intriguing. ^-^
5  Role Play Forum / RP Rules and Board Regulations / Re: We Just Have Beaten The Most Time Online on: April 19, 2008, 12:27:32 pm
*claps* Yay for us!  Laugh
6  Role Play Forum / RP Rules and Board Regulations / Re: Forum Rules and Regulations on: April 19, 2008, 12:25:39 pm
Thanks for settin' up ze rules, Myrt. ^__^
Everyone is pretty much accepted here.

Illits - Greatly tolerable.
pPlz wh0 tlk lyk d1s - Annoying. But accepted.
People with good grammar - Even better.
Individuals who write good - Much loved.
Certain people who have stylish RP'ing skills - Worshiped xDD
7  Role Playing / Purely Fantasized / Re: Rebirth of the Dragon (Dragon & Egg-hatching RP) - Semi-lit on: April 19, 2008, 10:34:03 am
00c; Coarse' you may. ^-^
8  Role Playing Help / The RP Academy / Re: The RP Status Exam on: April 15, 2008, 10:13:23 am
You're off to a good start! Proceed.
Remember to tame you're 'as'. It gives you an air of redundancy. =/
And as for you're question, read my first post again.

My, remind me to join that RP of yours! Shocked
Its like Haibane Renmei, only with a modern touch.
Luvs to that RP. =3
9  Role Playing / Purely Fantasized / Rebirth of the Dragon (Dragon & Egg-hatching RP) - Semi-lit on: April 14, 2008, 08:14:42 pm
Long ago, when the world was young, dragons had ruled the world.
It was a time when magic clashed alongside technology. The intelligent Dragons were masters of both land, air and sea; leisurely spending time that seemed almost eternal to them. They uneasily co-existed with the humans, who possessed machinery rather than magic and which the dragons had more magic than machinery. For them, it was a time when the world had ceased to whither. But like all things, their glorious prosperity would be their undoing.

At the height of their golden age, one of the dragons from the Council of the Four misplaced her egg. A small group of humans who just happened to pass by, had picked up her egg. And, instead of bringing it back to their village to feast upon their find, they take it back to the mother who rewards them by declaring a truce between the dragons and their people. Eventually, the peace between the two races had progressed to mutual trade and commerce, and along that came the exchange of technology and magic.

A thousand years have passed since the incident with the Council of the Four, and tension was undoubtedly sparking between the two factions once more. The humans thought of dragons as beastly creatures, unable to tame themselves to the point of eating their own. On the opposite side, the dragons labeled humans as an unruly bunch of misfits, who couldn't even extinguish the flames of their stupid, rebellious acts.
It seemed that only children and certain teens were immune to these opinions. It was a matter of time before war rages between the races. And as a matter of fact, it did.
Fearing they would go extinct (and they did), the dragons preserved the essence of their kind in four eggs and hid them on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It was protected by a barrier which made the island practically invincible to an ordinary human (The place was later called "The Bermuda Triangle").

Before the last of their kind had passed, the dragons foretold of hope: The eggs would be found by a group of human teens/children, and that they would help their kind flourish in a world that was once their own.
10  Role Playing / Golden Fiction / Re: Hogwarts School Of Wizards and Witches on: April 14, 2008, 06:41:24 pm
00c; Myrt, can try finding my intro post in the Angelicum forums? You know, Erivianne Queer's listed intro.... TT_TT
11  Role Play Forum / The Welcoming Committee / Re: &&__Cassidy Herrera;; on: April 14, 2008, 06:33:18 pm
Hm, you type good enough. *bows*
Thanks for bein' here, Cassidy.
I'm lookin' forward to seeing you in RP action.

12  Role Play Forum / The Welcoming Committee / Re: Ahnne here. xD Friends? on: April 14, 2008, 06:31:36 pm
*waves* Hi Anne!
Thx for bein' here in the webbie. We needed more people.
Just make sure you improve, awkie? Cause' my low- tolerance
for slightly-below-average RP'ers might go asplode. X.x

13  Role Play Forum / The Welcoming Committee / Re: (^Tin2x^) on: April 14, 2008, 06:27:34 pm
*waves* HI TIN! ^___________________^
Hm, hope your up for RP'ing here.
After all, this is my territory. *snork-laugh*
14  Role Play Forum / The Welcoming Committee / Re: Jin - RP'er extordinare on: April 14, 2008, 06:23:30 pm
AHHHH!!! *runs around in circles*

Kai... @___@
How's your hair doin'? -.-;
15  Role Playing / Purely Fantasized / Re: Heroes destination on: April 14, 2008, 06:18:43 pm
00c; Ei peoplez! Its Jin with the weekly moderator patrol. ^___^

Tin, you're grammar ish slipping. 0.o
Anne, please use a kind of OOC and improve on... alot of things.
Myrt, its 'country to country'. You got you're 'as'es under control, I hope?

That ish all! Have a wonderful day. xDD
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