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= Roleplaying: its Do's and Don'ts =

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Author Topic: = Roleplaying: its Do's and Don'ts =  (Read 312 times)
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« on: April 10, 2008, 01:16:08 am »

= Roleplaying: its Do's and Dont's =


I start (create a new board) a 'Harry Potter the Next Generation' RP.
Okay, so now I think of a character and introduce him/her into the roleplay setting. Every RP usually has a setting. Its like the stage of where the action is going to happen. The character you create MUST have a relation to the story and also have a reason to enter the setting. This is forum ROLEPLAY people. Its not video-making. Its writing.

Since the title of the example-RP is 'the next generation', its only obvious that Harry and blahbblah is dead and you should prolly' create a new character that enters Hogwarts.

1.) Use a form of OOC (Out Of Character posts) when not posting about the RP.
Difference between OOC posts and RP posts:
*RP Post*
Kayla quickly makes a startling dash for her locker, constantly muttering, "I'm late, late!"
Completely ignoring the burning pain on her left leg, she managed to haul herself to class before the 3rd period bell.

*Example of OOC posts*
00c; Lol, ok guys dats gud... ^___^

Note the 00c; sign. OOC posts are basically your usual chatting posts.
There are many ways to separate the RP posts from your OOC posts like, -words here- 00c; words here ((words here)) and etc.

2.) A sense of literacy is a must. Please use your best typing/writing skills in your posts.
Typo's happen to everyone, but correct spelling and punctuation are definitely appreciated especially in the RP posts. Most people in this forum ARE highschool students, so you should have no reason to whine about the strict compilations on this board. Ok? Ok.

3.) Please do not include RP's with actual sex, drugs or violence.
Kissing and stuff like that are absolutely fine. Heck, describe it in full detail if you want to! Just make sure there are no traced acts of stripping, foreplaying, raping and so on. Unless of coarse, you ask permission from our BM's (board masters). But even if you DO have the permission, there should always be a limit to these kinds of roleplay.

4.) Each RP'ing post has a requirement of FOUR sentences!
Use "" in dialogues and I repeat: DO NOT USE SMILIES IN RP'ing POSTS.
Using smilies and no "" in dialogues makes me very mad!
Especially this type of RP'ing:

Nina: k, u are very good... can i join dis grup?1 Grin
Guy: ok just dun tink u r welcumed yet

My comment: AHHHHHHHH!!! The horror! X____x *head explodes*
Note: This rule is a major extension of rule# 2.

5.) No PP or GM.
NO PP - Do not create 'indestructible' or 'all mighty' characters. Thats just incredibly stupid and it ain't fair. >__>
NO GM - No controlling of other characters unless the individual who owns that certain char requests you to do so or gives you permission.

6.) People from all walks of life are accepted.
The will be no discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or anything of that sort.

7.) Multiple characters are allowed.
But, be sure you can handle it before creating a new one. We need active characters to keep this part of the forum alive, and it can become difficult when you have many characters.

8.) Its pretty useful to know RP lingos. Tongue
Lits - Literate roleplayers (luff these peoplez)
Illits - Illiterate roleplayers (known as grammar/spelling idiots -__-)
One on Ones - Private roleplays between a small group
PP - Power Playing
GM - God Moding
char - Short for 'character'

Remember, I have the power to report people who do not abide these vital rules. So stay good! (^___^);

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