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Title: The RP Status Exam
Post by: Jinmei on April 10, 2008, 02:15:40 pm
This test/game of literacy is very simple. Its more than an essay than anything else, so pay attention.

I'll list a couple of words here, and you make a sentence or two which contain that word. Simple, no? But wait, don't get too cocky! Not only are you supposed to make a paragraph with that word in it, but you must do you're absolute best when typing-in those vital phrases. The paragraph may contain a situation. The limit is 20 words in a paragraph and the shortest is 8. There's no daily time limit, and you may edit you're literate artwork as much as you like. Just make sure you are done with it before I give you're status (Status result announcement differ from person to person). Note that you don't ALWAYS have to finish the test. Just do enough to 'wow' me.

If you happen to get a low status, then you may repeat the test, but DO NOT delete you're previous attempts. Remember, I'm the judge here, and I'm pretty hard to please. Quality over quantity. But that shouldn't hold you back from taking this status exam, right?

Go ahead, WOW me with you're words. ^__~

PS: Each word should have its own situation and the said word may be used as much as you desire. Remember, everything is counted. That includes spelling and grammar! Also, if a certain word is a past tense or whatever, then no other word is accepted. Like if the word is 'run', then 'running' or 'ran' is not counted.

:~: Examination :~:

1st word - Burden

2nd word - Pressing

3rd word - Inclined

4th word - Fairly

5th word - Plush

6th word - Memories

7th word - Essence

8th word - Zombifying

9th word - Horrid

10th word - Severed

11th word - Romance

12th word - Civilization

13th word - Disgrace

14th word - Shambles

15th word - Cramming

16th word - Eternal

17th word - Spontaneous

18th word - Protruding

19th word - Vague

20th word - Tourniquet

21st word - Solace

22nd word - Deluded

23rd word - Translucent

24th word - Philosophical

25th word - Oblivious

= Status =

Status #1: The Almighty God of Literature *bows*

Status #2: Awesome beyond reason!

Status #3: pwnful!!!

Status #4: Interesting... Its pretty good.

Status #5: Hahah! ROFL.

Status #6: Good! =3

Status #7: Nice! Needs work, though.

Status #8: Weird and stupid, though its OK to read.

Status #9: Horrible. Just horrible.

Status #10: Ugh, get it away from me! >:O

Status #11: Are you kidding me? This is a disgrace. -___-

Status #12: OMFG. AHHHH!!! *stabs eyes with gel pen and
drags tongue on battered pavement* @___@

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: PPIG$ on April 11, 2008, 02:38:32 am
Am I allowed to add prefixes and suffixes? Can I just do five words at a time?

1. The zebra had been carrying her burden for hours. She looked around the grassy savannah. It seemed safe. "Alright, Megan, get off my back now. The lions are gone" Her 'burden' was her little sister, who insisted on going with her to the watering hole. Carly had told her to stay close but the youthful giraffe child ran ahead or sometimes fell behind. She's a burden, alright. Halfway there, Carly had to carried her because she was tired. At first Carly couldn't be burdened to carry the small giraffe but Megan was slowing her down with her regular 'breathers'. It was on one of those 'breathers' that some lions had come too close for comfort.
2. Megan had leapt onto her and the force of her jump had given Carly a push. Carly had been so surprised that she had actually ran with Megan on her back until the lions were gone, which brings us back to the story. Megan looked rejuvenated by the ride. 'Carly, Carly can I please do it again?" Carly sighed. Megan had been pressing Carly to let her ride again. "For the last time, NO!" Carly could see the trees lining the watering hole in the distance. "Now, we're almost there so hurry up."
3. Megan leaned on Carly's side and pressed against her. "I'm sorry, Carly.",Megan said in her sweetest voice. Carly nearly melted at Megan's cuteness but she was inclined to think Megan was only going to ask for something. They had reached the watering hole and Carly had satisfied her thirst. "Sorry for what Megan?", she asked turning to her sister. Megan's sweet smile was now replace with an evil smirk. "This.", she pushed Carly, hard. The ground beneath her was wet and it also acted like an inclined plane. Carly fell into the pool of water.
4. "Mom, she pushed into the water and you're not going to punish her? Or even talk to her?" They had gotten home and although their trip back was fairly less eventful, Carly had been more tense. As soon as they had gotten home, Carly had told their mother everything but had gotten a less sympathetic response than she expected. "Carly, your sister is still very little. She just wants to have fun. She'll grow out of her little pranks." Carly couldn't take it anymore. She exploded. "You let her get away with everything! You think she's so innocent and sweet just because she's younger than me!" With tears in her eyes, Carly ran up to her room. Before slamming the door shut, she screamed, "Why can't you just treat us fairly?".
5. Megan's was a plush room, hers was just a bit larger than the attic/ storage room. Carly was lying on her bed thinking of how unfair their mother was treating her. She hugged her plush (as in plushie) giraffe and decided she would run away. She didn't, couldn't live as she deserved here. If she left her life would not be any less plush than it was. Carly smiled. She took all her most treasured and valuable belongings and put them in a backpack. She climbed out the window. Taking in the evening air, this was a new life. A life she would have the freedom and right to choose.

I'll just do five per post. I'll post again tomorrow.

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: Jinmei on April 11, 2008, 09:53:20 am
Oops! Pause, pause!
Met, ish that you? O.O

Did you read the PS? Each word should have its OWN different paragraph/situation. Meaning you can't repeat the same story or plot with each word. And each word cannot inter-mingle with the other words in the same sentence.
Well, atleast you didn't reach all the way to #8.=/

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: PPIG$ on April 12, 2008, 10:00:35 pm
It just said it had to have a different paragraph not a different situation.

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: Myrtle on April 13, 2008, 10:17:50 pm
OOc; Please allow it Jin. To be fair. Pweeezz  :-/

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: Jinmei on April 14, 2008, 02:02:51 pm
What did you think when I meant 'different paragraph'? 0.o

Eh, whatever. I'll accept numbers 1-5. Continue to #6. Just make sure to use to use different situations for each paragraph. *waves* ^__^

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: Myrtle on April 14, 2008, 10:31:01 pm
1st word - Burden

In the human world only a few people has experienced this situation. A situation that is very painful. It's a burden to all who is cursed with it. It is a matter of life a death to them.

Myrtle is a 4th year Student in the Yokumawa School in Japan. Only a few people can come in this prestigious school. Myrtle went up to the hall way as a normal person as she hated the people in school. She looked out side the window as she wait for the bell to ring. "Ring." Myrtle whispered to her self as she taps her pencil to her desk. "RING!" The bell rang as all her classmates went out while she fixed her self and quietly stood up and went out. She accidentally bumped into a boy but just ignored him.

She was walking on her way home as she felt something on her back move. It felt like it was connected to her body. She tried to reach it with her hands. While she reached she noticed blood started to spurt at it. There was a huge lump on her back.

She started to feel like the lump is starting to crack to break. She ran to the near by dumpster as she started to feel like there are feathers coming out. "What's happening to me?" She screamed as she lost her conscience when she found her self on the house of the boy she bumped into. "Hey There! I see you already woke up." said the boy while he was wiping the wings of the girl. "Yeah, I guess I am." Myrtle said as she touched the thing she found on her back. "What are these?" she asked. "It's your wings." said the boy. "My wings?" Myrtle asked. "Yes, we're actually fallen Angels. That's what we usually call it." He replied. "Wait this is weird. What do you mean? How would you know?" Myrtle asked him. "I'm like you." The boy replied. "How can I be sure?" Myrtle asked him. "It seems like te moon light is already shining." He smiled. The light pointed at him while he started to grow wings on his back. Black Wings, it was beautiful. "I'm sad to say but you also have your burden."

OOc; Is it fine to only use the word twice and not continue the story. Thanks! cause it's more likely a part of my RP. Thanks!

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: Jinmei on April 15, 2008, 10:13:23 am
You're off to a good start! Proceed.
Remember to tame you're 'as'. It gives you an air of redundancy. =/
And as for you're question, read my first post again.

My, remind me to join that RP of yours! =O
Its like Haibane Renmei, only with a modern touch.
Luvs to that RP. =3

Title: Re: The RP Status Exam
Post by: Myrtle on April 23, 2008, 02:52:36 am
OOc; Thanks Jin! I'll do the 2nd word later. I have a problem. I shall PM you about it. LOL. && Thanks for the comments about my RP. yup, it's like Haibane Renmei With a modern touch. LOL